To Web Development and Technology Lovers

I'm a creative overthinker. I love making my ideas come to life. It's the one thing I know best and the one thing I enjoy the most about my career choice.

To Web Development and Technology Lovers

Welcome to a place of creative thinking and ambitious ideas!

I am Alex Grozav, and this article is the first piece of my little corner of expressivity. I'm a self-thaught artist and developer who is writing open source projects to make the web a better place in his free time.

I'm overly passionate about what I do. It's not about what moderately exciting 9-to-5 job you have, whether you work at Google, Apple, or Microsoft. It's not even about how much you enjoy coding, or how much work you put into your tasks.

It's about what you do with your free time. It's about whether you ever felt the need to stay up until late at night, finishing an idea you had for this small project of yours, born out of dreams slightly bigger than you can carry. You're pretty sure it's not going to work this time either, yet you do it anyway, because that's who you are.

I know you, because it takes one to know one.

I'm a creative overthinker

I love making my ideas come to life. It's the one thing I know best and the one thing I enjoy the most about my career choice. I think, I design, I overthink, I code, and then, I test. To me, every web project is a beautiful mix of code, math and creativity, and having something that I created in its entirety, makes me always give it my best.

Unlike most people, I read mostly news about Technology and Web Development, the two things I'm most enthusiastic about. I hate reading news about violence and useless celebrities, because there's an exaggerated amount of both.

I'm the kind of person whose brain gets stupidly excited when it reads about breakthroughs in Medicine and Technology, because the thought that mankind is getting closer to the harmonious future we see in movies makes me feel good. I believe that, as developers, we're building towards a substantial part this future, one commit at a time.

This used to be my portfolio

This site used to have countless hours of work featured in its pages. I used to sell HTML Templates on Themeforest and JavaScript plugins on CodeCanyon. This website is the place where I used to host and preview them.

Hundreds of sales, hundreds of comments, so little time to maintain all of them. When all you want to do is create something better every time you start writing code, you always end up enjoying your new project more than your old one.

In the end

I have turned it into a blog because sharing my code, designs, videos, reviews, creative thoughts and ideas will be far more valuable to my readers than anything else I made could have been.

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